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void PicDevice::set_program_mode ( void   )  [protected, virtual]

Put the PIC device in program/verify mode. On entry to program/verify mode, the program counter is set to 0 or -1 depending on the device.

Definition at line 143 of file PicDevice.cxx.

References Device::io, IO::set_clk(), IO::set_data(), IO::set_pwr(), IO::set_vpp(), and IO::usleep().

Referenced by Pic16f8xxDevice::bulk_erase(), Pic16f6xxDevice::bulk_erase(), Pic16Device::bulk_erase(), Pic16f8xxDevice::disable_codeprotect(), Pic16f87xADevice::disable_codeprotect(), Pic18Device::erase(), Pic16Device::erase(), Pic18Device::program(), Pic16Device::program(), Pic18Device::read(), and Pic16Device::read().

      /* Power up the PIC and put it in program/verify mode */
      this->io->set_clk(false);     /* Set RB6 low */
      this->io->set_data(false);/* Set RB7 low */
      this->io->set_vpp(true);      /* Raise Vpp while RB6 & RB7 are low */
      this->io->usleep(1000); /* Wait a bit */

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