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uint32_t PicDevice::read_prog_data ( void   )  [protected, virtual]

Send the READ_PROG_DATA command and read in the program data at the address specified by program counter.

The program data at the current PIC address.

Definition at line 177 of file PicDevice.cxx.

References COMMAND_READ_PROG_DATA, Device::io, IO::shift_bits_in(), IO::usleep(), wordmask, and write_command().

Referenced by Pic16Device::erase(), program_cycle(), Pic16Device::read(), Pic16Device::read_config_word(), Pic16Device::read_id_memory(), Pic16Device::read_program_memory(), Pic16f87xADevice::write_config_word(), Pic16Device::write_id_memory(), and Pic16Device::write_program_memory().

      uint32_t data;

      data = this->io->shift_bits_in(16, 1);
      return (data >> 1) & this->wordmask;

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