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void Pic18Device::load_write_buffer ( DataBuffer buf,
unsigned int  panel,
unsigned int  offset,
bool  last 
) [protected, virtual]

Loads the write buffer for a panel and optionally begins the write sequence.

buf The DataBuffer from which to retrieve data.
panel The panel number whose buffer to fill.
offset The offset into the panel to write the data.
last A boolean value indicating if this is the last panel buffer to be loaded. If so, the write is initiated after this panel buffer is written.
The progress_count is incremented by the number of words written to the write buffer. On success this is 4.

If last is true, a call to program_wait() or the equivalent must be made so the write is properly timed.

Definition at line 463 of file Pic18Device.cxx.

References COMMAND_TABLE_WRITE_POSTINC, COMMAND_TABLE_WRITE_START, Device::progress_count, set_tblptr(), and write_command().

Referenced by write_id_memory(), and write_program_memory().

      unsigned long addr;
      int i;

      addr = (panel << PANEL_SHIFT) + offset;
      for(i=0; i<3; i++) {          /* Write 3 words */
            write_command(COMMAND_TABLE_WRITE_POSTINC, buf[(addr / 2) + i]);
      if(last) {
            /* Do the final word write which also starts the programming */
            write_command(COMMAND_TABLE_WRITE_START, buf[(addr / 2) + 3]);
      } else {
            /* Just another load */
            write_command(COMMAND_TABLE_WRITE_POSTINC, buf[(addr / 2) + 3]);

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