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unsigned int Pic18Device::write_command_read_data ( unsigned int  command  )  [protected, virtual]

Writes a 4-bit command and read an 8-bit response. The actual procedure is to write the 4 bit command, strobe 8 times, and then clock in the 8 data bits.

command The 4-bit command to send.
The 8 bits of data that were read back.

Definition at line 526 of file Pic18Device.cxx.

References Device::io, IO::shift_bits_in(), IO::shift_bits_out(), and write_command().

Referenced by read_config_memory(), read_data_memory(), read_memory(), and write_data_memory().

      this->io->shift_bits_out(0x00, 8);        /* 8 dummy bits */
      return this->io->shift_bits_in(8, 1);

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