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Pic16Device::Pic16Device ( char *  name  ) 

Create a new instance and read in in the configuration for the PIC device. This constructor is called from Device::load() when the device name begins with the string "PIC". This function will open the PIC device configuration file "pic.conf" and read the configuration for the device specified.

name The name of the PIC device.
runtime_error Contains a description of the error.

Definition at line 30 of file Pic16Device.cxx.

References PicDevice::codesize, config_mask, cp_mask, cpd_mask, PicDevice::eesize, PicDevice::flags, ConfigFile::get_integer(), Device::memmap, persistent_config_mask, PIC_FEATURE_BKBUG, PIC_FEATURE_EEPROM, READ_PIC_CONFIG_ENTRY_DEFAULT, and PicDevice::wordmask.

                                   : PicDevice(name) {
      long tmp;

      /* Read configuration word bits */
      READ_PIC_CONFIG_ENTRY_DEFAULT("configmask", config_mask, this->wordmask);
      READ_PIC_CONFIG_ENTRY_DEFAULT("configsave", persistent_config_mask, 0);
      READ_PIC_CONFIG_ENTRY_DEFAULT("cp_mask", cp_mask, 0);
      READ_PIC_CONFIG_ENTRY_DEFAULT("cp_all", cp_all, 0);
      READ_PIC_CONFIG_ENTRY_DEFAULT("cp_none", cp_none, 0);
      READ_PIC_CONFIG_ENTRY_DEFAULT("cpd_mask", cpd_mask, 0);
      READ_PIC_CONFIG_ENTRY_DEFAULT("cpd_on", cpd_on, 0);
      READ_PIC_CONFIG_ENTRY_DEFAULT("cpd_off", cpd_off, 0);
      if(pic_config->get_integer(name, "bkbug_mask", &tmp))
            this->flags |= PIC_FEATURE_BKBUG;

      /* Create the memory map for this device */
      this->memmap.push_back(IntPair (0, this->codesize));
      this->memmap.push_back(IntPair (0x2000,
        (this->flags & PIC_FEATURE_BKBUG) ? 5 : 4));
      this->memmap.push_back(IntPair (0x2007, 1));
      if(this->flags & PIC_FEATURE_EEPROM)
            this->memmap.push_back(IntPair (0x2100, this->eesize));

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