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Pic16Device Class Reference

#include <PicDevice.h>

Inheritance diagram for Pic16Device:

PicDevice Device Pic12f6xxDevice Pic16f6xxDevice Pic16f7xDevice Pic16f87xADevice Pic16f8xxDevice

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Detailed Description

An implementation of the Device class which supports most 14-bit devices with the part number prefix 16.

Definition at line 194 of file PicDevice.h.

Public Types

enum  pic_memtype_t { MEMTYPE_EPROM = 0, MEMTYPE_FLASH }

Public Member Functions

virtual void erase (void)
IntPairVectorget_mmap (void)
string get_name (void)
int get_wordsize (void)
 Pic16Device (char *name)
virtual void program (DataBuffer &buf)
virtual void read (DataBuffer &buf, bool verify=false)
void set_iodevice (IO *iodev)
void set_progress_cb (bool(*cb)(void *data, long addr, int percent), void *data=NULL)
 ~Pic16Device ()

Static Public Member Functions

static vector< string > * list (void)
static void list (vector< string > *v)
static Deviceload (char *name)

Static Public Attributes

static const int COMMAND_BEGIN_PROG = 0x08
static const int COMMAND_END_PROG = 0x0e
static const int COMMAND_ERASE_DATA_MEM = 0x0b
static const int COMMAND_ERASE_PROG_MEM = 0x09
static const int COMMAND_INC_ADDRESS = 0x06
static const int COMMAND_LOAD_CONFIG = 0x00
static const int COMMAND_LOAD_DATA_DATA = 0x03
static const int COMMAND_LOAD_PROG_DATA = 0x02
static const int COMMAND_READ_DATA_DATA = 0x05
static const int COMMAND_READ_PROG_DATA = 0x04

Protected Member Functions

virtual void bulk_erase (void)
virtual void disable_codeprotect (void)
virtual void pic_off (void)
virtual bool program_cycle (uint32_t data, uint32_t mask=0xffffffff)
virtual bool program_one_location (uint32_t data)
bool progress (unsigned long addr)
virtual uint32_t read_config_word (bool verify=false, uint32_t verify_data=0)
virtual void read_data_memory (DataBuffer &buf, long base, bool verify)
uint32_t read_ee_data (void)
virtual void read_id_memory (DataBuffer &buf, long base, bool verify)
virtual uint32_t read_prog_data (void)
virtual void read_program_memory (DataBuffer &buf, long base=0, bool verify=false)
virtual void set_program_mode (void)
virtual void write_command (uint32_t command)
virtual void write_config_word (uint32_t data)
virtual void write_data_memory (DataBuffer &buf, long base)
virtual void write_ee_data (uint32_t data)
virtual void write_id_memory (DataBuffer &buf, long base)
virtual void write_prog_data (uint32_t data)
virtual void write_program_memory (DataBuffer &buf, long base=0)

Protected Attributes

unsigned int codesize
unsigned int config_mask
unsigned int cp_all
unsigned int cp_mask
unsigned int cp_none
unsigned int cpd_mask
unsigned int cpd_off
unsigned int cpd_on
unsigned int eesize
unsigned int erase_time
uint32_t flags
IntPairVector memmap
pic_memtype_t memtype
string name
unsigned int persistent_config_mask
unsigned int program_count
unsigned int program_multiplier
unsigned int program_time
bool(* progress_cb )(void *data, long addr, int percent)
void * progress_cb_data
unsigned long progress_count
unsigned long progress_total
uint32_t wordmask
int wordsize

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