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LinuxPPDevIO Class Reference

#include <LinuxPPDevIO.h>

Inheritance diagram for LinuxPPDevIO:

ParallelPort IO

List of all members.

Detailed Description

An implementation of the IO interface which uses the Linux 2.4 ppdev driver.

Definition at line 31 of file LinuxPPDevIO.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool get_clk (void)
virtual bool get_data (void)
bool get_pin_state (const char *name, int reg, int bit, bool invert)
virtual bool get_pwr (void)
virtual bool get_vpp (void)
 LinuxPPDevIO (int port)
virtual bool read_data (void)
virtual void set_clk (bool state)
virtual void set_data (bool state)
void set_pin_state (const char *name, int reg, int bit, bool invert, bool state)
virtual void set_pwr (bool state)
virtual void set_vpp (bool state)
virtual uint32_t shift_bits_in (int numbits, int tdly=0)
virtual void shift_bits_out (uint32_t bits, int numbits, int tset=0, int thold=0)
virtual void usleep (unsigned long us)
 ~LinuxPPDevIO ()

Static Public Member Functions

static IOacquire (char *name, int port=0)

Protected Attributes

short clkbit
short clkinvert
short clkreg
unsigned long gen_stretch
int port
short pwrbit
short pwrinvert
short pwrreg
short rdata2bit
short rdata2invert
short rdata2reg
short rdatabit
short rdatainvert
short rdatareg
unsigned long tdly_stretch
unsigned long thld_stretch
unsigned long tset_stretch
short vppbit
short vppinvert
short vppreg
short wdatabit
short wdatainvert
short wdatareg

Private Attributes

int fd

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