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DirectPPIO Class Reference

#include <DirectPPIO.h>

Inheritance diagram for DirectPPIO:

ParallelPort IO

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Detailed Description

An implementation of the IO interface for parallel ports which uses direct port I/O.

Definition at line 31 of file DirectPPIO.h.

Public Member Functions

 DirectPPIO (int port)
virtual bool get_clk (void)
virtual bool get_data (void)
bool get_pin_state (const char *name, int reg, int bit, bool invert)
virtual bool get_pwr (void)
virtual bool get_vpp (void)
virtual bool read_data (void)
virtual void set_clk (bool state)
virtual void set_data (bool state)
void set_pin_state (const char *name, int reg, int bit, bool invert, bool state)
virtual void set_pwr (bool state)
virtual void set_vpp (bool state)
virtual uint32_t shift_bits_in (int numbits, int tdly=0)
virtual void shift_bits_out (uint32_t bits, int numbits, int tset=0, int thold=0)
virtual void usleep (unsigned long us)
 ~DirectPPIO ()

Static Public Member Functions

static IOacquire (char *name, int port=0)

Protected Attributes

short clkbit
short clkinvert
short clkreg
unsigned long gen_stretch
int port
short pwrbit
short pwrinvert
short pwrreg
short rdata2bit
short rdata2invert
short rdata2reg
short rdatabit
short rdatainvert
short rdatareg
unsigned long tdly_stretch
unsigned long thld_stretch
unsigned long tset_stretch
short vppbit
short vppinvert
short vppreg
short wdatabit
short wdatainvert
short wdatareg

Private Attributes

int ioport

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